Thursday, October 1, 2015


Day One of Month Two.

My second month is all about Work.  Clearing out work clutter, getting my work house in order, making my work work.  My title is: Get Work House in Order.  Sub title: “I want to work and be happy.”  

My Categories are:

  • Organize office
  • Avoid time wasters
  • Invoice in a timely fashion
  • Keep time tracked
  • Create systems
  • Update website, keep work house in order
  • Move office
  • Do it Now!
 I am raring to go.  I have the phone company coming tomorrow to move the phone line.  In two weeks I have the internet company coming to move the internet.  I have a plan of where to move the furniture.  I have to get rid of the couch.  I need to buy a chair/love seat.  

Then I am going to buy a bed frame, matching lamps, nightstands.  I am going to buy a mattress for the guest room and for my bed.  Then a Roku for the guest room.   

Until tomorrow...

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