Sunday, October 25, 2015


Day 55.  Yesterday I forgot to write about getting three of my art pieces back from the framer.  I hung two of them.  Here is one of them.  This is a map of the world that they stuck on a foam board and put in a frame with no glass.  I have push pins to mark the places I want to visit. 

Today was another day of  running errands.

  1. I took the bird to get checked.  He had blood on his wing so I wanted to get it checked out.  I was told to keep an eye on it.  He injured a feather but it is not falling out yet so they don't want to pull it out yet.
  2. I bought a bed for the guest room.  It is a really nice bed.  I like it alot. 
  3. Then I went to return the phone I bought last week and didn't need.  I found security cameras that seemed like they would work better than the other ones.
  4. I went to the office supply store and found supplies I needed.
It was another busy day.   I am just happy I am making such good and fast progress. 

Until tomorrow...

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