Sunday, December 3, 2017


At 5 am this morning I had to take Happi to the emergency room. She was licking her lips, shaking her head and nashing her teeth all night. She could not sleep and neither could I.

I tried to stick my finger in her mouth and she cried.  That was when I put my clothes on and jumped in the car.  At the ER the doctor was stymied.  He thinks the stitches from her tooth extraction is rubbing against her cheek and has irritated her. The doc spent a lot of time sitting on the floor thinking out loud trying to figure it all out.  There does not seem to be anything that answers why she is acting this way.  I am supposed to take Happi to her regular vet on Monday. At least I know she is okay. 

I got home and went back to bed. My mind was still thinking about what the doc told me. It had to be something else. When I got up I started googling things. I started to Google side effects for her medications. She has been taking a medication called Tramadol.  When she started taking it I asked if there were any side effects and I was told it is really safe and she can take it for a long time with no issues. Since I have heard this before, I should not have believed it. But I did. She has not only been taking it, I have been increasing her dosage due to this dental procedure.

At multiple doctor appointments I have mentioned that Happi has developed these tremors. They just started a few months ago. She has had them in her legs. I was told older dogs get them.  I have been suspect since they just appeared one day. Usually these things gradually appear. 

One of the side effects of Tramadol is tremors. Here I have been increasing Happis dosage. She is trembling in her legs, face and mouth. I immediately stopped giving her the pain killer. I began giving her another pain killer that knocks her out. Let's see if my instinct is correct. 

Until tomorrow...

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