Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I had lunch with a friend today. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant. The food was delicious.

I was sitting at home, just finishing my Christmas shopping, when I got a text from my friend M. He was asking me if I was coming to see Star Wars. Huh? I thought there wasn't a ticket for me to go tonight. Turns out he thought his email told me there was a ticket for me for the 8:15 show. The movie started in 19 minutes. Could I get there? I could miss the previews. Okay, I would try.

I threw on shoes, took the dogs out to pee, called a cab, put on my coat, put Lucky in her cage, and the cab arrived. He got me to the theater at 8:14. I ran inside and found the theater. I sat down just as the previews started. Whew!  This theater has a policy that you cant enter if you show up late, if you talk or use your phone you will be asked to leave and if you have a problem with someone, you put up a flag and the management will deal with it. SO civilized. They also serve food and alcoholic drinks.
The movie was just as good the second time!!

I also decided to put up my little fake tree. It is cute and easy. 

Until tomorrow...

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