Saturday, December 16, 2017


Yesterday I received a gift basket from a client. It included crackers, cookies, chocolates, hummus, cheese, cheese sticks, and fruit.

Today I received another (the same) gift basket from my aunt. Since I can not eat any of it but the fruit, I am happy I am having friends over this week who will assist me in eating these snacks.

I spent my day making desserts for my friend gatherings this week.  I made my famous vegan Reese's cups and some chocolate bark with pecans and cranberries.

I also had to go get my bus pass exchanged since it stopped working a few days ago.

I went to a friend's Christmas party this evening.  I don't always do well at parties. I have a hard talking to people.  I ended up talking to a woman and her 5 year old child. I played with her child almost the whole time.

Until tomorrow...

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