Sunday, November 11, 2012


Tonight was movie night. We had a great time. There were only three of us because Brenda was tired and S's friend got ill. We watched The Godfather II. This was a continuing saga from an earlier movie watching night with S where we watched The Godfather. See post Sleepin' with the Fishes to read the story of why we had to watch The Godfather.  I can't believe that was more than a year ago.

So S, K and I met at 7pm at my house. We spent the next hour catching up. Then at 8 pm we decided we better start this movie! We took one snack/pee break and the movie ended at 11:30 pm. Those Godfather movies are LONG.

I will admit I started to doze a few times.  It was so long and it was hard to keep the characters straight.

I also will say other than me using my iPad to look up the characters, there were no electronics used during movie night.  We did have plenty of snacks. Chocolate macaroons, vegan chocolate cookies and veggies and dip.

We decided to do it again next month up something lighter and more upbeat!  We will save Godfather III for six months from now.   So, movie night was a success!

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our fabulous dog day.  I will provide photos of the day!

Until tomorrow..

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