Friday, November 23, 2012


Today marks the day we finally got rid of the old TV out of the dining room. Yay! Easily four months ago our very large, very heavy, very old TV died. We inherited the TV from my stepmother's mother. It was a nice TV to watch television on. It had a large flat glass screen but an enormous tube in the back.

Today the e-waste guy came to pick it up to recycle. His helper canceled on him so I had to ask a neighbor to assist. They estimated that the TV weighed 175 pounds. The two of them struggled getting it down the stairs and into the truck. There is no way Brenda and I could have gotten that TV down those stairs by ourselves.

We are so happy to have it gone and to have the space back in our dining room. While I was at it I also recycled an old laptop, monitor, scanner and camera.

All this clearing out and cleaning out is renewing my soul. I have been needing to light the load for a long time. Maybe start out the New Year right.

Until tomorrow...

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