Friday, November 16, 2012


(Not our backyard or our hot tub)  HotSpring Portable Spa
Not sure hot tubbing is really a word (or two words).  But I am so happy I am going to break the word law and use it.  The hot tub service guy came out today (in the rain) and fixed the hot tub!  He pulled out the motor, panel where you program it and replaced wires and the main plug and voila!  It works. 

Now we have to have the service folks come and move it and clean it but the hard part is done.  It took 1/2 hour and cost less than $400.  I can't believe I waited this long! 

We then called the retail outlet and ordered a new cover. Since our hot tub is 16 years old, they have to make a cover that will fit with a tight seal.  Our cover is in horrible condition and if you know anything about hot tubs, the whole idea is to keep the heat in.  So a bad cover can cost a lot of money by not keeping the hot tub hot.  The service guy agreed with me that our cover has seen better days.  He is also going to get me a new door for the motor since the, ahem, rats, chewed a large hole in the current door. 

We also ordered a cover lifter.  I have wanted one of these for years.  I have an awful time getting the cover off the hot tub and can't do it by myself.  It takes two of us to get it off and then we have to find somewhere to put it.  We don't want to put it on the ground because it gets dirty and the dirt gets in the hot tub.  We don't have grass in our backyard so putting in a grassy area is not an option.  Don't even get me started on getting it put back on.

We also ordered a step to get in the hot tub.  We had a step made out of wood but it has since deteriorated and we are throwing it away.  I would be afraid to step on it for fear my foot would go right through it. 

So it will take about one more month to get it all done.  We are going to have them come out all at once to do everything.  We want them to move the hot tub away from the foliage so maybe any critters will be less inclined to live in the hot tub.  The service guy says this is a recurring problem.  The critters like to live in the hot tubs whether they are in use or not.  Lovely!  I was hoping once we turned it on it would dissuade them from living in the unit.  No such luck.  Urgh!

I can't wait to take a hot tub. Tonight would have been a perfect night.  Cold and rainy.  Yum!  Well, one more month.  We have waited this long, a few more weeks won't kill us.  At least we should be able to use it by Christmas.

It is funny, as soon as you say you have a hot tub, it is like bees to honey.  Everyone suddenly wants to come to our house.  People who never showed any interest in visiting before suddenly want to be my friend.  I guess it is like owning a truck.  You own a truck and when folks need to move something, suddenly you are their best friend. 

I will dream of a steamy hot tub tonight.  My achy muscles and joints will wait in anticipation.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I think hot tubbing is a great word it conjours images of warm, bubbly water - soothing and caressing. Definitely something to get excited about! I am pleased that things have worked out. I bet you;re crossing of the days.
    Take care
    Lorna x

    1. I can't wait. I am actually dreaming of a dunk in the hot tub!


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