Sunday, November 18, 2012


Okay, raise your hand if you like junk mail. No one. Are you sure? Okay. I personally don't like most mail at all.

I get mounds of mail. Yes we all get mounds of mail but I get more than most. I have my home address where I get a regular amount of mail. Then I have a PO Box where I get a whole other regular amount of mail including all my business mail. Sometimes I get the same mailer three times! To my home address, my business at the PO Box and my person at the PO Box.

Today was my least favorite day. Today was part two of Operation Clean Up Mail Pile. Last weekend I worked for hours to decrease the pile by 2/3 before movie night. Today I wanted to get rid of the pile completely. I did it. I worked my way through the 16" pile of letters. Plus I went through a bag of old mail that had been sitting. It was just junk stuff but it needed to be gone through before being recycled. Now I have a very large bag of recycling.

Each time I go through the mail pile I swear it will never get this bad again. It doesn't for a while then it creeps up again. I try, I really do! Just life gets in the way.

I should remember how sore my hands are going through all that mail in one sitting. All that opening and ripping up and sorting is not good for joints.

Today I will revel in my clear table and make a pledge to keep the mail pile off my clean table.

Until tomorrow...

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