Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today was fun.  Our neighborhood has been working really hard to bring the kids back.  The kids around us have been going to other neighborhoods to trick-or-treat.  Our neighborhood is so empty.  For the last few years we have been making a concerted effort to bring the kids back.  Some folks offer the kids candy and adults wine. Others made hors d'oeuvres to hand out.  There is music playing and lots of folks decorate.

This year a woman around the corner had a bunch of families bring their kids.  Thirty of them.  I bought three bags of candy and I only have about 20 pieces left.  That was 150 pieces of candy!  I was so glad I bought the third bag.  It was so fun seeing all those kids.  I wore my tiara and I had a wand with sparkly stuff on it.  Like a fairy godmother handing out candy.

I wanted to tell you that the antibiotics seem to be working.  I am coughing less and less.

I also went today for my yearly check up with the breast surgeon.  Her physician's assistant checked me out and she says I look good.  I have to go for my yearly mammogram and then an MRI.  That would be my 5th for the year!?

Today was also the San Francisco Giants victory parade.  Black and Orange everywhere!

Update on family: Brenda's mother lost her phone service.  Sister still no power.  My family I have not heard from today but I saw photos of their town on the internet and it doesn't look pretty.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. We only had five or six kids and their parents stop by for trick or treat last night. We have oodles of candy left over (sigh). I'm trying hard not to notice it...

    Still thinking of your and Brenda's families, Adrienne. May they all be just fine.


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