Sunday, November 11, 2012


Sitting here watching the World Series with the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers. For those of you who don't follow sports, that is baseball.  The Giants are winning and from where I sit that is a good thing.

This started to bring up some good memories for. When I was a kid my dad used to take us to New York Mets games. The company he worked for had box tickets at Shea Stadium. Not box tickets like they have now high up in the stadium with food and booze but the old fashioned boxes. A box meant you were close to the players, we were right off third base. There were no special features other than we were close to the players. We were about ten rows up and we could see all the players coming in and out of the dugout.  We ate peanuts (in the shells) that we brought and bought soda.  If we were really lucky we got ice cream. Sometimes we brought our lunch and sometimes we got hot dogs.  We all wore our baseball caps and  we got the stat sheets so we could keep track of the baseball players stats.  Since we sat off third base we had to pay attention when we heard the crack of the bat. No, I never caught a ball. I was more likely to be ducking. I saw too many people get hit with a ball. Off third base the balls usually go up to the higher levels when there were fly balls with right-handed hitters.

We would take the train to the stadium then walk through Flushing Meadow. These were times that I loved spending time with my dad. Even though he usually had one eye on the game at all times. But it was great. My brother and I would go walk around Shea Stadium.  We always wished we could meet the players but that never happened.

I still follow the Mets. They will always be my team. But during this World Series I will be rooting for the Giants. Go Giants!

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  1. I know very little about baseball. Once I went with work friends to an Oakland A's game at Candlestick Park--the only "real" baseball game I've ever attended. I was really bored. Seemed to me that all the players did was stand there. Once in a while the pitcher would throw the ball. If the batter hit it, someone would catch it. No action. So, after what seemed like hours, I asked one of my friends when halftime was.

    He nearly fell off his seat laughing. I was SO embarrassed! That's how little I knew about baseball--I figured there had to be some sort of intermission soon. Maybe there'd be a marching band or something to break up the tedium...

    I'm glad you're enjoying the games so much, Adrienne, and I hope your favorite team wins the Series. (I almost said "Super Bowl." Oops...) Hope you're still feeling good, and Brenda, too.


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