Thursday, November 29, 2012


Now you might think I am writing about my ankle, but I am not. I am writing about a situation that occurred recently when some was very condescending toward me. It was a work situation and the person was, in my opinion, very rude.

Today I was given some good news in the form of a phone call by a superior to her. She was told to back off and stop being so pushy. Hurray! I thanked the superior very much.  This pretty much made my day.

In my experience folks that act condescending, rude, pushy in the workplace eventually get their comeuppance. I have outlived many of these types and they eventually get what is coming to them.   You just have to keep your head down, do your work, bite your tongue and ride out the storm.  Most times that works.  Supervisors usually get tired of their BS.

Someday I will tell you about a place I worked. Give you a good laugh!

Until tomorrow...

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