Friday, November 2, 2012


Personal space. I don't normally have a personally space issue. I don't care if people sit close to me or stand too close. Hopefully not within spitting distance.

I do think there is a natural distance one should sit or stand from another person but when people are friends I may sit closer. If I am ill I stand even farther away.

When I am sick I try not to cough in elevators or sneeze in groups. If others are ill I hope they will do the same.

Recently I have had this situation with someone who repeatedly puts her stuff in my area whether I am sitting there or not. I will be working and she will put her coffee mug on my workspace because she doesn't want to accidentally knock it over on her workspace. I will arrive to work and her papers will be strewn all over my designated workspace and her coat on the chair.

I try to give subtle hints like walking in and saying "look at all this stuff in my work area!" and I move it and move her coat. Today she wanted to put her big binder on my work space and I said no. But I know next time I show up it will be there.

What would you do with someone who moves in on a space that is designated as yours?

Until tomorrow...


  1. One year I had two children in my class that had personal issue spaces. So to get them to learn how irritating other people find it I put a thick black strip down the middle of their table. Anything that encroached over into each others space was picked up and kept by the other person for a short while. The person whose items they were could not use them and soon saw the value of organising your space to the maximum effect!Also how to work with someone else. Perhaps you should remove the items that encroach to some place else so she has to ask for them - petty I know but some people just don't take no for an answer!

    Take care

  2. Wow, she's rude.

    You've tried being subtle, and she hasn't taken the hint (though I get the feeling that she knows quite well that you're annoyed). So the only thing left is to tell her outright that you don't want her stuff placed in your workspace, that she can keep it in her own.

    You've tried being nice (as that's your default position, and a good one, too!). Now simply be assertive and clear. Don't smile as you speak to her.

    I hope this situation ends easily. It's these small things in life that pile up into large wads of stress. With RA, as you know, it results in increased pain and disability.

    Be well, Adrienne. Have a restful, stress-free weekend.


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