Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Starting physical therapy again tomorrow.  After getting the shot in my ankle with the really long needle, I felt better for a long time.  I could walk without pain.  I could almost walk fast.  I could almost close to jog across the room.  I could go quickly down the stairs.

Well, that has gone a bit by the wayside.  After the 10 sessions of physical therapy, I had the bump on my leg. It turned out to be a fat lobula so it was nothing.  No tumor or anything serious.  Then Brenda had her surgery and I got sick.  One thing after another.  I stopped physical therapy in order to deal with life.

Now that life has calmed down and I have gotten things under control, I am ready to go back to physical therapy.  Now that my ankle hurts it is time.  Isn't that always the way?  Once your body part hurts, then it is time to go get help.  Hopefully she can help me strengthen my muscles and ligaments. Get me strong again.

I am excited.  I want to get my walking going so I can go back to walking more and losing weight. Yay!

Until tomorrow...


  1. PT really worked for me so hope you will get benefit now things have settled a little. Obviously here in the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I do like butternut squash mash and my son made me a b squash cake with lemon - it was yummy.
    Wishing you and Brenda a Happy Thanksgiving also scritches to Happi and Lucky.
    Lorna x

    1. Thanks Lorna! That cake sounds good.


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