Sunday, November 11, 2012

I'm Blue

I went to the doctors today and had my cast replaced. She ran out of white cast stuff so I have a blue cast! I will have draw some crazy picture on it.

We talked about my fevers and she is convinced they are not from the incision. The incision looked good and she took out the stitches.

I called my primary doctor and we spoke about my test results and my appointment with the surgeon. My white blood cells are high so I have an infection but the question is where? Sinus? Urinary? Deep in the surgery site? Hard to tell. Meanwhile I am going to take antibiotics that are broad spectrum. I will also take anti-fungal medication to keep the yeast at bay.

After five days I call and give an update. I do have to admit my ankle is throbbing a bit tonight from being wrapped and unwrapped. Oh, I am no longer using the crutches!

Now we wait and see! Yay!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Have you ever tried taking acedopholus while taking antibiotics? It helps to prevent a UTI infection and all of that. It is the good stuff that the antibiotics kill off in the intestinal tract. Just a thought. And I killed the spelling on the word...sorry.


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