Monday, November 26, 2012


Have you ever had someone talk down to you?  Or talk to you in a way that you almost feel like they are your boss or a general in the military and you are a private?  I have some like that in my life right now and I am at a loss as to what to do about it. 

This person sends me emails that are the type that my old boss (who I called "The Devil") used to send to me.  Maybe that is why these communications are really needling me.  She says "please" but you know she doesn't mean please.  She means do it.  Comments like "Please be available for this meeting".  Now we all know what "Be available" means.  It means I don't care about your schedule get your butt to this meeting.   I just don't think a colleague talks to another colleague in that way. 

I just don't treat people this way.  I come from a different place.  This type of communication causes me such stress.  On Saturday I got an email that, I am not lying, got my blood pressure to rise.  I don't even have high blood pressure but I swear I could feel it go up.  My hands were shaking and I had to put my phone down.  The email was full of "Please do this."  "Please do that".   

Then to top it off, I cc the person I report to and she keeps taking him off the cc list in her response.  I hate that!   

This weekend I spent a lot of time clearing out.  I filled a quarter of the recycle bin!  I am in a throwing away mode.  I cleared out so much paper and stuff.  I have a bit more to go before I have an organized office again.  I also had to clean out the pond filter again.  I also cooked brussel sprouts again.  I made some honey butter sauce and they came out really good. 

Until tomorrow...

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  1. You know me...a wise guy of sorts but not really. OK, I haven't been in the direct business world for over 10 years but my daughter swears my advice works in todays world still :-) She uses it regularly. Me..I would email back something like...I am pleased to please you by attending the upcoming meetings and will of course immediately execute your instructions on x,y, and z. Yeah, I know... a wise guy of sorts. Often people in business know how to skate around legal issues by using the please word, etc. And without the full email it is hard for me to ascertain exactly what is going on here. Try to stay the high road if you can (which I am sure you will) and know that you are the one with the best attitude.


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