Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Okay something is going wrong. Last Thursday I missed my friends book signing because I forgot. I sat down to watch TV and around 10 pm I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be somewhere. Too late.

Then I missed my nieces birthday. Then I parked in a metered spot today and got a ticket because I thought today was Sunday and didn't feed the meter.

Then to round it all out, I was putting on my PJs and settling down in front of the TV with critical work earlier tonight when the doorbell rang. It was J from book club. They were meeting down the street and were wondering where I was. Especially since I PLANNED the meeting!

What is wrong with me? Am I losing my mind? I blame it all on retail stores. They are rushing us more and more each year. Some stores had Christmas decorations up before Halloween! They keep rushing us more each year. Hurry up Christmas is coming! It is crazy and making me crazy!

Until tomorrow...

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