Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today was physical therapy session number two.  My therapist is really working me this time around.  Floor exercises and then 10 minutes on the stationary bike.  She seemed pleased that I kept my promise of three days on the recumbent bike and walking my dogs almost every day.

I asked her about wearing regular shoes.  I am tired of wearing sneakers every day.  She said I should bring my shoes to the next appointment so she can assess.  She is worried that my shoes are more clog-like (they are) and therefore I can step wrong and twist my ankle.  But we will see what she says.

I have therapy appointments through the month of December to see if intensive therapy makes a difference.  I will have another physical therapy update next week.

Tomorrow a terrible storm is supposed to come through our area.  Kinda wish I could wear boots!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Galoshes! Rain! Puddles, splashing in!

    We're in a break between storms right now; yesterday's was a good one, with a couple more coming in between tonight and Sunday. I love it after soooo many identical months of dry, hot summer and dry boring summerish weather.

    Glad to hear your PT session went well, Adrienne, and that you're feeling good enough to do the homework. (I bet the dogs just love it!) Have a cozy weekend... ;o)


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