Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Gosh I was settled in for a long night of watching election results and by 8:35 pm the answer is in: Barak Obama is President. It happened so fast. It makes me wonder how in the world these news stations figure this out so fast.

Another interesting piece of news is that you will soon be able to legally buy cannabis in the state of Colorado. I guess the term "Rocky Mountain High" will have a new meaning. I think this great for those who need it for medical reasons. Medical marijuana is super but really it is costly and a bit of a hassle. The medical marijuana card costs $125 per year just to have the card. Plus you have to see a doctor to get the card and you have to buy the marijuana. It ain't cheap!

I no longer have to worry that my healthcare will disappear or I will be dropped. At least for four more years! Hopefully by 2016 people will be happy with the changes and nothing will change. Wouldn't that be nice? Not having to worry about healthcare? Just worrying about my health. That is the way it is the way it is supposed to be!

Anyway, the election is finally over and the ads have stopped (yay!)

Until tomorrow...


  1. I was so tired last night that I was in bed before the election results were in. About the time I was nodding off there was still lots of speculation on the direction the presidential election would go.

    This morning I got up extra early at 5AM to get in a run with my neighbor before everyone else got up. I was waiting outside in the cold for my dog to go and was catching up on emails.

    I commonly read your blog posts in the morning before I get up. I had forgotten it was post-election day today and I found out who won the presidential race via your blog.

    Thanks for the news update. What a cool way to find out who won.


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