Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A few weeks ago I wrote about personal space.   I had a situation with a person who just didn't seem to understand her desk was her space and my table was my space.  I understand I am a contractor and she is an employee but it really isn't welcoming when I come to their worksite and the workspace I am given is covered with her stuff and her coat is on my chair. 

Well, the personal space situation has reached a pinacle this week.  I was in a meeting and I didn't bring my cellphone with me.  It was on vibrate and in my zippered up handbag.  I come back from the meeting and I walk in the office and she has my cellphone in her hand.  She quickly explains that it was ringing a lot and she thought maybe there was something wrong and if it rang again she was going to answer it.  She thought maybe it was Brenda trying to get a hold of me.

My first reaction was "what was she doing with my phone?"  I thanked her and took my phone back.  I checked it and it said it rang three times.  Two times from Brenda and one time from a client.  Brenda has a habit of calling a few times in a short time if she wants to tell me something.

I talked it over with Brenda and I got more and more anxious and angry about it.  "What was she doing going in my bag and taking out my phone?"  What a violation of personal space!

Today I spoke to her about it and told her that I understand she thought it was an emergency but it was not okay to go in my bag and take out my phone, it made me uncomfortable.  I have clients calling and it would be awkward if she answered the phone.  If my phone was ringing that much she should have let me know and not taken the phone out of my bag.  I told her to please not do that again.

It is just funny.  I really never thought I would have to have that conversation with a full grown adult who has two full grown adult sons.  After I had the conversation with her I told her boss.  I told her boss about the personal space situation and her going in my bag.  I wanted her to know now just in case it becomes a problem in future.

Oh, the hot tub folks are coming on Friday to make an evaluation!

Until tomorrow...

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