Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My family lives on the East Coast.  It has been a nail biting couple of days.  Watching CNN for hours.  Checking our phones for texts.  Waiting for news.

My partners mother in Southern New Jersey never lost electricity and is fine.  No flooding to speak of.

My partners sister in Northern New Jersey has been without electricity for a day now.  She was told she had to report to work today!  Can you believe it?  In the middle of this mess her company told her to report to work.  She was worried she would lose her job.  So she risked her safety to go to work.  They should be ashamed!  Who is thinking of going out to a restaurant to eat in this disaster?!

My brother and family live along the Jersey shore and they decided to stick it out through the storm.  Their house is up high.  They say only their garage is flooded.  They have no electricity and no internet and no cable.  Roughing it!  They prepared for it and they seem fine.  They have been texting to give us daily updates.

My heart goes out to everyone touched by this disaster.  The photos of my old stomping ground are devastating and heartbreaking.  The hours I spent at Seaside Heights and Long Beach Island as a child and now to see the photos.  Broke my heart!  The boardwalk at Atlantic City is gone.  So sad.

Everyone be safe!

Until tomorrow...


  1. My sister lives a few blocks from the Coney Island boardwalk. They evacuated. She lives on a second floor. The water made it to her door. It is cleared out and her unit was spared but the first floor unit was not so lucky. Like you, I was worried like crazy. I have visited NYC and Coney Island many times and like you, I am heartbroken. But the New Jersey and New York will do what they always do - they will come back stronger. My other sister is overseas. She was supposed to return yesterday through JFK. As of right now, her flight is cancelled and they have no idea when it will be rescheduled. Hopefully, things are back to somewhat normal by election day.

    1. Wow! Sounds like your family has really been in the thick of it. So sorry about that. I sure hope it all straightens out by Election Day too!

  2. The devastation that Sandy left in her wake is in equal parts stunning and heartbreaking. I no longer have any relatives living in that part of the country, but my heart goes out to all those who were hurt by the storm. I felt guilty, living here in Northern California in calm, sunny, warm fall weather while watching Frankenstorm slam into the east coast. Amazing and so sad. I'm glad Brenda's family wasn't hurt worse.

    My best to you and to Brenda. Are you feeling any better?

    1. Thank you! I am feeling better. The antibiotics seem to be working.


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