Saturday, December 1, 2012


No, not my poop! It is the little dog Lucky's poop. It has always been tough to housebreak Lucky. Don't get me wrong Lucky loves to go out side. She just doesn't always like to "go" outside when it is raining. Both our dogs have an aversion to the rain. I know most dogs don't like the rain but our dogs will hold their pee for 12 hours just so they don't have to go out in the rain.

Lucky has a special kind of dislike of the rain. She will stand by the door shivering with her big eyes begging to be let in. I will force her to go down the deck stairs and she keeps running back up. Then as soon as she gets inside she will skulk off and poop in my office or in the kitchen. Real sneaky-like. The kind of walking dogs and cats learn to do where their license doesn't jingle on their collar. You don't even hear them coming. We call it creeping or skulking. Lucky has mastered it. That is why I have to keep her tied up at night. If I don't she will creep off and poop somewhere and get into trouble.

Anyway with all this rain, Lucky has been in punishment three times today. She just won't poop outside when it is raining. Our pets we love them. This rain is not stopping any time soon so Lucky better get used to it.

Until tomorrow...


  1. When I saw the title of your post a snort of laughter burst out of me before I could stop it... oh, dear, poor Lucky and poor Adrienne and Brenda! I can empathize totally with you on this one. Our little guy, Finny McCool, has been truly hard to housetrain. We adopted him as a rescue, and of course they told us he knew his manners. Heheh. No, he didn't, and it wasn't long before we figured out why this totally lovable, affectionate little dog had been abandoned. Today, he's still untrustworthy, and boy, he REALLY doesn't like to take care of business outdoors in the rain. He's sneaky, too. He knows better, but he's just that stubborn.
    Looks like the weather is gonna clear up by Monday, A. Best of luck with dear Lucky (heheheh) until then...
    Oh, and how are you feeling, with the barometer doing dives? I've been pretty achy, but not totally whacked. Just going along getting along, and grateful for painkillers!

  2. Hi Wren, I am not sure if it is the rain or not but I have had a problem with my hips and knees for a few weeks now especially at night. Sorry to hear you are stiff!


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