Saturday, August 3, 2013


Today we went to a street fair . It was a Japanese street fair. It was interesting in some ways but the same in others. What was interesting was some of the booths. There were some cute Japanese art kids clothes and some Harajuku items.  But then there were the same pottery, jewelry and other vendors I see at all the street fairs.

Brenda had some Korean barbecue but she said it was too chewy and too sweet. She likes her barbecue not so sweet.  I had the best grilled corn-on-the-cob. It was SO sweet. I almost wanted to get another one.  We sat and listen to live music while we ate. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Usually I don't want to g to the types of events because they are a pain to get to but the weather has not been so great so attendance has been down, I have been taking public transportation and it has been quite easy. 

Then I came home and for dinner I made my tofu mushroom fried rice.  Yum!  Brenda begs me to make it.

Tomorrow is bike day!

Until tomorrow...

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