Friday, August 2, 2013


I saw my primary doc today and got the news I thought I would get with a twist.  I thought I broke or chipped something in my knee.  I can feel the hole more each day as the swelling recedes.  He looked at the photos, heard the story.  Checked to see if the infection was gone.  The infection is gone thank goodness.

Then he touched my knee and it is hot.  It is swollen still.  He said it is filled with fluid. He pushed it this way and that way.  Poked it and prodded it.  Then I told him to feel the knee cap and below.  He looked shocked. 

In this diagram, see the kneecap?  It is swollen on me.  See the Patellar Tendon?  That is the Inferior Patella Tendon and what he was touching.

See how the Patellar Tendon Tear is on this diagram?  That is what my primary doc thinks I have.  He touched my knee and got a ghostly look on his face and said you have no inferior patellar tendon.  It is gone. Torn in half.
I said I knew something was wrong.  There is a big hole where there used to be something.  I can feel bone where on the other knee I don't. 

My doc immediately sent me down to an orthopedic surgeon to make an appointment.  I have an appointment in two weeks.  I guess the tendon gets shorter the longer I wait to get it fixed, so time is of the essence.  So if this is what it is, surgery is imminent.  Sooner than I will want it. 

I guess my dreams of jumping out of an airplane, bungee jumping, and running a marathon are on hold for now!  Darn!

Until tomorrow...

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