Sunday, August 4, 2013


Today I went bike shopping with my friends K and N. They were great. They took me to four or five bike shops to check out different bikes. They knew the exact type of bike I need for the area we live in. I got to test drive them. K came with me. Only pedaling up and down in a parking lot to get the feel for the bike. At first I was not very good but it is true what they say "easy as riding a bike", it all came right back. 

I found two bikes I like: Raleigh Detour 3.5 

Trek Verve 1 WSD

The Raleigh comes in light blue which I like. The Trek comes in eggplant which is cool.  Most of these bikes only come in black which is boring. 

I am surprised how expensive bikes are. Even little kids bikes!  I saw a kid bike for a six year old the was $150. It was cute and pink. But a kid would grow out of it in a year.  Even the used bikes were expensive. 

My plan is to wait until I go to the ortho and find out about my knee. No point in getting a bike if I am having knee surgery. 

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Good luck with getting back in the saddle :-) I tried awhile ago but couldn't do a two wheeler any longer. I keep peeking at the three wheelers for I hope you enjoy your new bike when you finally do get it!!


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