Sunday, August 18, 2013


About a week ago the fish in our pond disappeared.  When we came back from vacation they were there.  All six of them.  Then the pump stopped working and I fixed it and they were all there.  Then I went down one day to feed them and no fish.  It isn't unusual for me not to see them on an overcast day so I didn't think much.  Then the next day, no fish.  And the next.

For about a week and half I have gone down every day and no fish.  I poked around in the pond and no fish.  We have the most amount of water plants that we have ever had (this photo is old and we have more plants now) and they are taking up 2/3 of the pond.  I am still holding out hope that some of the fish are hiding in the plants.  Years ago we had a fish hid for months and we thought it died or was eaten.  Then all of a sudden, it came up for air. 

The guy at the pet store thinks it was the heron or crane.  He says they will sit and pick them out of the water.  We have had that mean heron come before and take our fish out of the pond.  I just have never had one take all the fish out at once.  It is also weird because we usually see him lurking around.  The dogs bark at him.  That gives us enough time to set up our Scarecrow.  It is a machine that shoots water at the bird.  Since they are federally protected we can not harm them (not that I would anyway) but has a motion sensor and when the bird lands it sends a spray of water in the direction of the bird. Just enough to scare it away and save my fish. 

Over Labor Day weekend I am thinking of draining the pond most of the way and cleaning it out.  If there are some fish, I will find out then.  If they are gone, it will be a good time to clean it out.  Then I can get some more fish.  As much of a pain the pond is, I really enjoy seeing the fish swim around.

RIP the fish.

Until tomorrow...

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