Thursday, August 22, 2013


Now that I know that my knee is "okay", I walked the dogs for the first time since my accident. They were beyond excited. They could barely contain themselves. They ran down the stairs and started barking at the new puppy across the street.  They sniffed everything on our walk around the block.

Now I am contemplating buying the bike. I have been given the okay to ride a stationary bike so it is not a stretch to ride a real bike.  I need to clean out the garage to make room to put a bike. One step at a time. This weekend may be a trip to the container store to buy some containers to put some of Brenda's sweaters away in her closet. Then I will put away the tons of shoes she has and that will clean out about four boxes from the garage. 

Until tomorrow...


  1. Great news about your knee, Adrienne. I'm glad you get to start getting normal exercise, and I know your little buddies are delighted!

    1. Yup Happi can't wait to get outside everyday!


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