Sunday, August 25, 2013


Today I went to The Container Store to buy containers to begin clearing out the garage. I got six containers.  I also went to REI and looked at ways to hang a bike on the wall. 

Once I got the containers (and some PF Chang's) I drove home to begin the project. I cleared out SIX boxes of Brenda's stuff. Mostly sweaters and hats. They are all now in clear plastic boxes on her shelf in the closet.  Now all her clothes are put away. I have about 10 boxes of crap to go through. It is all Brenda's stuff. Things like jewelry, letters, photos, and other crap.  Oh, I also found a box with an old computer that I thought I had already given away.  That will be another thing to get rid of. 

This makes me so happy. Clearing out the clutter.

Until tomorrow...

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