Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today is the day I got the news on my MRI.  It was good news.  In a sense.  They found nothing.  Well, almost nothing.  But nothing that had to do with the fall.  I was flabbergasted.  How could that be? 

To give you the blow-by-blow, Dr. Personality walked in the room and gave me the news in three sentences.  Then he looked like he was going to duck out.  Gave you the good news so I am done here!  Then he saw the look on my face and sat down and explained the MRI report to me.  So he actually spent 7 minutes with me! 

So the report said I have 1) a small tear in my meniscus in the back left side of my knee.  Not from the fall.  So small that he would not recommend surgery.  2) The underneath of my knee cap is all torn up.  The result of arthritis.  Wow! What a shock!  3) Then the report said I had inflammation in my knee.  (now tell me something I don't know)  This was the result of the fall. 

The doc said to use anti-inflammatory drugs and ice.  I told him I already take anti-inflammatory drugs.  He asked me why.  Why?  Did you not read my chart?  I have RA.  Then he told me to ice it.  I have Raynaud's Disease.  Ice won't work.  He then explained to me what a meniscus tear is.  Once again, did you read my chart?  I have had two knee surgeries.  I know my way around a meniscus.  At this point I wanted him to leave.  He was not giving me any helpful ideas.  He was just pacifying me and I can't stand that.

I got home and called my primary doc.  He explained to me that physical therapy wouldn't help at this point.  Neither would steroid shots.  The best thing is to elevate it and wait.  The swelling may take 3 months to recede.  Then for about a year, I will have to be careful when I kneel.  I am to call if it doesn't get better.

Overall good news given to me by a man with poor communication skills.  Yay!  No surgery! 

Until tomorrow...

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