Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I got a letter in the mail today that my Enbrel will be supplied by a new pharmacy starting June 1. In some ways this could be a good thing. It is a pharmacy that I like and as a drop by and pick up pharmacy, they are very good. I reserve judgement on how they will be as a delivery pharmacy.

I am anxious about the transition from one pharmacy to another. So many things can go wrong and since I take a drug that I have to take, it worries me that the whole situation could go haywire. I have already broken in this pharmacy and they know where I like my drugs delivered, when I like them delivered. They call me to have them delivered.

Now I will have to get used to another pharmacy. What if they screw up the prescription? the delivery? Some of you may be saying "why worry unnecessarily?" If you have ever transitioned from one pharmacy to another when taking a biologic drug, you would understand. If one little thing goes wrong, no drugs. No drugs, stiffness and pain. It is not like when you go to Rite-Aid and they can't fill your prescription. You can go to another Rite-Aid or a CVS and get it filled. With biologics, you can only get it from the one place the insurance company tells you you can get it mailed to you. If that company screws up, well, no drugs.

I just got my shipment today so I have one more shipment before the change.

Until tomorrow...

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