Sunday, May 5, 2013


I finished my final test for the animal rescue certification. Whew! That last test was hard. I sure hope I passed. I don't want to have to take it again. I have to get a 75% to pass. there were about 75 questions. I really didn't count. There is a timer that comes up if there isn't activity on the page and it asks if you want to be timed out. I have 300 seconds to respond and it times me out. So it gets a little stressful when I am going along and then this box appears asking me if I need more time to complete the exam. What?! Am I going to slow? I know I am taking my time. It is open book so I want to get it right. Seems silly to get wrong answers when it is open book. The answers are right in front of you.

This whole test is stressful. It is an online thing that you have take the whole online course that is three hours with practice tests throughout that you have to do. Then once you finish the online course there is a test that is timed. Well, not timed in that you have to have it done in 30 minutes but every 25 minutes a box pops up asking you if you need more time and you have so many seconds to respond to the question or it times you out and you have to start the test over again. So no going to the bathroom! No getting up for a glass of water unless you are quick. I basically just sit here and do the whole test in one sitting. No phone calls, no bathroom, no getting up for any reason. No talking. Just focus on the test.

See, I don't really feel I am a good test taker. Never have. I get sort of stressed out and tend to forget everything. The only things I remember are the things that I knew anyway. Things that have been pounded into my head. That is why I never go back and check my tests. If I do I second guess myself and then I change my answers. My first guess is usually correct. Over the years I have learned to just take a test and hand it in. Never go back.

When I was in graduate school I had a choice after my main courses where over. I could take three more courses and take an all day test that covered all the courses from the whole 2.5 years OR I could write a thesis. Of course I chose to write a thesis. It took me 2.5 years to finish it but I did. The other folks that took the test. Well, the test was in two or three parts and you got the test at 7 am and had to turn it in at 7 pm. Some of them got hotel rooms so they could set up their computer and printer and just take the test. A fair amount passed the whole test. Others passed a part of it and had to take the other part(s) over. To me that would be my worst nightmare. Having to take the big horrible test over again. Not sure I could bring myself to do it. Oh, yeah, they only give the test certain times of the year. So I would have to wait months to take it again. Ugh!

Well, keep your fingers crossed. I hope to find out tomorrow. I am just happy this is finished!

Oh, it is Happi's birthday today. She is 8.5 years old. We adopted her 6 years ago today when she was 1.5 years old. She still acts like a pup! I made her these frozen treats I read about on the Humane website. I took peanut butter and mashed it up with a 1/4 banana (I added a little water so it would mix a little easier). I then took spoonfuls and drop the spoonfuls on waxed paper and put it in the freezer. When they are frozen they make cute little treats for the dogs. They were gone in seconds. Smiles all around! Mommy we want more!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Until tomorrow...

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