Tuesday, May 7, 2013


We have had a battle with our backyard for about a month now. The foliage has gotten out of control with this crazy weather. First no rain and then rain and now record hot weather. The plants are growing like, well, like weeds. So are the weeds. The whole backyard looks like a jungle. We could have done something about it about 1.5 months ago but now it is so out of control, it would take Brenda and I two weekends and the ability to clone ourselves to get it done.

So we admit defeat. We called someone to come in and clear it out. Clean it up. Cut back the never ending ivy, pull out the weeds, and hopefully cut back our neighbors tree. Our neighbor has one of those pine trees that is narrow and tall. It leans over our property line and already once we cut some branches off. Brenda jokes that the pine tree and our white birch will soon meet from the two sides of our property and block our view. We want the pine tree to be cut back again.

We are excited to have a cleared out backyard that doesn't look like an overgrown jungle.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Hi,
    At least you will have energy to sit in the garden and admmire perhaps have a barbeque or hot tub session. Sometimes we have to be sensible and get someone else to do it.
    You will not believe it - on my right side on 7 and 8 rib they are cracked and inflammed.Was it from some exiting activity - no being sick a lot and coughing. I would laugh but i9t hurts!
    Belated happy birthday to Happi. Well done passing your exams I knew you would.
    Take care
    Lorna x

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your ribs. I can't believe it happened to you! Please take care of yourself. Thanks for having faith in me. I will tell Happi you said Happy Birthday! She loves it when we sing Happy Birthday, she thinks we are singing to her! Please be careful!


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