Thursday, May 16, 2013


I just read an article titled "5 Foolproof Ways to Get Out of a Funk" written by Stephanie Booth in the May 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine.  I know I get in a funk sometimes.  I get overwhelmed sometimes when I have too many things pushing down on me.

There were some good ideas:
  1. Do the chicken dance.  I would probably not do the chicken dance but just put some music on and dance.  But do the chicken dance if it is your thing.  It will most certainly make you smile!
  2. Rent a tearjerker.  I know that when I watch Marley and Me, Steel Magnolias, Hatchi, Finding Nemo, Beaches, Fried Green Tomatoes, Toy Story 3, Wall-E, The Bucket List or Up I stop thinking about myself.  These stories put life in perspective.
  3. Pay attention.  Participate in an activity that requires your full attention.  Do zumba, do a crossword puzzle, play with your dog, talk to a friend, or fix something.  
  4. Look out the window.  Observe the world and see what you can see.  Maybe you will see a funny dog or a person riding a unicycle.  It may make you smile.  Maybe you will just see the beauty that is the great outdoors.
  5. Use your imagination.  Think of new things and tap your creative side.  Paint, write, design, collage, scrapbook, or whatever creative thing you do.

These are great ideas.  I also have some:
  1. Get in your car and turn up the radio.  Listen to the music and drive along a pretty road or along some water.  It will make you smile.
  2. Go your place.  We all have a place we like to visit.  Mine is the beach.  Go to that place.  I sit in my car and look out at the beach with the radio on.  That is my happy place.
  3. Walk a dog.  No one can be in a funk while walking a dog.  Dogs just don't care what mood you are in.  They are just so happy about going for a walk (we can't even say the word "walk" in our house without creating chaos) they forget about everything else.  Happy, happy, happy!
  4. Take a bath.  Sometimes when I am in a funk I take a bath with good smelling bath scents and a good book.  When I get out of the tub I feel warm and wrapped in love.

Those are my ideas for getting out of a funk!  Next time you feel funky, take one of these ideas and give it a try.

Until tomorrow...

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