Thursday, May 9, 2013


I had my third physical therapy appointment. I have some gripes about my physical therapist. 1) she has horrible time management. Today I showed up for my appointment and found out she had double booked the appointment. Well, not her but her office. Last week I had to wait for my scheduled appointment while she finished up with someone else. During the first appointment she seemed to have forgotten I was coming and didn't have the paperwork ready and went into a long talk about a family member who was diagnosed with cancer unexpectedly.

Which brings up another point. 2) she seems to have no boundaries. I know way too much about her. I know how much she owes the IRS, about her relatives cancer, how much she saves for retirement, all about her son (who works for her) and his issues. Too much information for only having three appointments.

Point 3) she is hawking this vitamin supplement and is pretty aggressive about it. Each time we meet she brings up the vitamin supplement. She must be getting a commission on each sale or something. I find it annoying. I don't need to know about her stupid vitamin supplement. She just doesn't mention it but is pretty pushy. Next time she brings it up I am going to have to say something because each time she talks about it, I get stressed out.

My neck is kinda sore but we will see in the morning how I feel.

I made my dessert. It smells delicious! I will take a photo.

I contacted a gardener and he is coming in two weeks. Yay!

Until tomorrow...

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