Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Today I got up early.  Okay not that early but earlier than I wanted.  I got ready to go, ate my breakfast and got out the door with time to spare to make it in time to make it to my physical therapy appointment.  I found a parking spot (FREE Parking!) and made it to my appointment right on time.

Mind you all week I reorganized my work appointments around this physical therapy appointment. 

I walked in the office and the PT came walking out to the dark waiting room.  She said you are here early.  We are not scheduled until 10:45.  I said, no I would not schedule an appointment at 10:45 because I work for myself and I would not schedule an appointment for the middle of the day.  I said I will have to cancel and make a new appointment.  We made a new appointment and I went off to run some much needed errands.

I see my doc tomorrow and I at that time I will make a decision.  This PT is the MOST unorganized therapist I have ever seen.  I have only have about 3-4 appointments and let's make a list of the things that have gone wrong:

  • I showed up for an appointment and she had the wrong scheduled time
  • I showed up for an appointment and she double booked.  She took me but had to explain to her SON (who is her assistant) how to call the other person and stop them from coming and make a new appointment.  A few times...
  • I showed up and the front door was locked and the intercom was not working.  I stood outside waiting.  Turns out she was in the back of the office and didn't hear the phone ringing...
  • I showed up for my preliminary assessment and she had a family situation that she decided to over share with me and we started my appointment late because it was tax day and she had to send her taxes in.  Once again she had to explain to her son/assistant how to mail a certified return receipt package.
  • She sells some vitamin supplements on the side and consistently tries to get me to buy them. Ugh!
  • She over shares all the time.  I know WAY too much about her.  Her tax situation, her family situation, her in-law's medical situation.  It is an uncomfortable over share.
I am thinking of changing physical therapists.  She doesn't seem like a bad PT, she just sucks at business.  I swear, if I ran my business like she does, I would be out of business!

What you do you think?  Have you had a situation like this?  What did you do?

Until tomorrow...

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