Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Day 274.  I am super excited.  My packet containing the paperwork for being a foster/adoptive parent arrived today.  Lots of pages to fill out and lots of things to do.  One step closer.

Taking a step like this makes me think about the Happiness Project a lot.  Of course it makes me think about what makes me happy and if this next step is making me happy.

But taking this step also makes me think about the people in my life.  I know some folks are concerned about me adopting and what will happen if I get sick. But I guess all single parents have the same concern.  This process makes me think about my friendships.  Do I have friendships that can support me having a child?  Will my friends want to help out and be there for me or is that friendship not strong enough to withstand this change?  Will my family want to assist me or is that asking too much?  They do live far away.

Sometimes help just means listening.  Sometimes it means answering questions like "is this normal for a 6 year to do?"  or "how do you get this darn car seat in the car?"  Sometimes it means watching the child for an hour while I take a break.

I need to know who will help me and support me when this happens.

Good news: I got a $20 refund from an old mail pharmacy.  They did an audit and found I overpaid.  Woo hoo!  

Until tomorrow...

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