Thursday, May 5, 2016


Day 248.   Happy Birthday Happi!!  She is 11-1/2 years old!  And going strong.  Pretty baby! 

Last night I let the dogs out in the backyard and I got a shock!  Happi went running after something right away.  I ran to get the flashlight.  The little dog went running outside after Happi.  Happi would not come back inside because she was stalking the thing she ran off.  The little dog came back inside.  I used the flashlight to look around.  What do you think I found?  A giant raccoon in our neighbors tree on the property line right at the bottom of my deck stairs.  I kept yelling at it to make it go away.  Those raccoons are vicious!  Plus they will attack dogs.  The little one was sequestered inside but Happi would not come inside but she still had not realized there was a raccoon in the tree.  I grabbed a watering can and threw it at the raccoon to get it to move.  It just stayed in the tree clicking and hissing at me.  I threw another thing at it and it climbed higher still clicking and hissing.  I was afraid it would jump down on my side of the fence.  (I know now how my wood fence got broken. The raccoon probably fell out of the tree and landed on the fence!)  Finally the raccoon got down out of the tree and was on the other side of the fence and I ran over to Happi and chased her in the house.

The dogs still needed to pee and I didn't want to have them want to go out in an hour and have to contend with raccoons again, so I took them out for a walk through the front door.  We went a block and when we were coming back, there they were, two raccoons.  Just walking across the street.  They just act like they belong walking in the street.  Just not scared at all.  We had to wait until the animals scampered away to enter the house.  What an ordeal!  I don't like raccoons. 

Let's hope tonight is raccoon free.

Until tomorrow...

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