Monday, May 9, 2016


Day 252.  My family members are still in town.  Today we went to the baseball game.  I was stoked to find the vegan hot dogs at the park.  I also wanted french fries.  I have been craving french fries.  Unfortunately the french fries had too much salt on them for any of us to eat.  I searched the whole level we were on and found the vegan hot dog.  It was good.  A little mustard and relish and I was good to go.

We also got free hats because we bought certain tickets that supported my Alma mater. Luckily we went to get the hats first thing because they ran out.

It was a terribly cold night.  I mean windy and cold.  I was wearing two long sleeved shirts, a bike jacket, a fleece coat, scarf, gloves, hat and a blanket and I was shivering.  I had more clothes but I was pacing myself.  We ended up leaving at the bottom of the seventh.  Because we couldn't take it anymore.

We went inside and watched the end of the game and then the end of the exciting Warriors game.

Until tomorrow...

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