Friday, May 13, 2016


Day 256.  I took little Lucy to the doctor's today and they said her teeth looked good.  Her stitches have not dissolved yet but her teeth look good.  They took blood and checked her poop just to make sure she doesn't have a parasite or infection.  They had another bandage on her leg but I told them the problems I had getting the last one off and they said they would take it off in the back.  They said they would also put it in her records for the future that they need to take her pressure bandages off before they let her go home.

She is acting very anxious but she did eat today so I have no idea what is up with her.  I sure wish sometimes that dogs could talk.  She just stands in front of me and stares at me with this pleading stare.  I have no idea what to do for her.  Does she want to go out?  Get on my lap?  Play with a toy?  Eat a treat?  Then I stand up and she runs onto her bed.  I have no idea.

I get the results tomorrow morning and maybe that will tell me something.

Until tomorrow...

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