Saturday, May 28, 2016


Day 271. Today my new electric toothbrush arrived in the mail.  I am so excited.  Now I have to wait 22 hours for it to charge then I can brush my teeth.  I am going to call Braun and see if the other toothbrush charger can be returned.  I have only had it for about 5 months. It should be under warranty.

I ran all sorts of errands.  I went to the pet store to get stuff for the fish tank.  I went to Target and got some stuff for the house.  I also got some secret stuff for a cute little niece and nephew for the summer.  I bought a cute pair of red shoes to wear with my blue pants and grey capris.

I can't wait for them arrive.  The store had to order them and have them delivered.  But I really like them.  And they were on sale!

Until tomorrow...

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