Sunday, May 1, 2016


Day 244.  I woke up and decided to do more work on the backyard.  I spent an hour and a half weeding.  When I first started it looked like such a daunting project.  Now that I have been breaking it down into sections, it doesn't seem so huge.  I have already spent two one hour/hour and half segments working in the backyard and look at the progress:

Look at Happi sunning herself.  She loves to lounge in the sun!

I figure 10 more hours and I will have the whole backyard done!  Just in time to start over when the weeds start growing again!  Then I will have the backyard that will bring me happiness.

Then I went to vote for a delegate.  I had no idea that I could vote for a delegate.  I thought delegate were appointed.  Ha!  I went down and voted for the delegates in my precinct.  It was such chaos.  What a messed up system.  You enter, you sign in, they give you a piece of paper with all the delegates names on them.  You then vote for 5 women and 4 men.  Then you leave once they put a mark on your hand.  That is how the delegates are elected  They are who will decide if Hillary or Donald or Bernie or Ted or John win the primary.  Really interesting!   It was an education.

Until tomorrow...

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