Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Day 254.  This morning (at the crack of dawn!) I went to get my yearly breast MRI.  I like to go early or late so I am a bit tired and will doze off in the MRI machine.  Well, not today.  I was all tucked in the machine and the tech walked out.  I told him I don't like the announcements "this one will take 1 minute."  "This one will take 2 minutes."  I like it to be quite and just hear the sounds of the machine.  I go into a Zen state and fall asleep.

Today the tech forgot to put in my earplugs.  I yelled and waved my hands but it became clear he was not in the booth or not paying attention in the booth.  He also didn't have the microphone on because he didn't hear me yelling.  I had to put up with 2/3 of the MRI test with no earplugs.  My goodness that machine is loud!  It feels like it is going through your skull through your eardrums.  Like I was in the front row of a Metallica concert with no ear plugs.  He seemed quite sorry and volunteered to report himself to the hospital when I explained to him who dangerous that was.  What if I had a stroke or heart attack or anxiety attack?  It was bad enough what I went through.  My ears still hurt hours later.

I will get the results in a few days.  And yes, I wore my tiara.  It always brings me such good luck.  The Power of the Tiara.

Until tomorrow...

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