Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Day 246.  Today I paid almost all my medical bills from the hospital stay from meningitis and the emergency room visit from the flu.  Easily $3,000 just in co-pays.  At least I will meet my deductible very quick.

I have been invited to some family functions.  My nephew's graduation.  My cousin's daughters Bat Mitzvah..  My brother's house to visit.  Lots of choices of places to visit.  Exciting!

The doggy Advil seems to be working on Lucky.  She is back to eating cottage cheese.  Her mouth must not be so inflamed and swollen.

I have been in this house for so long that I spent an hour today looking up things to do in my area.  There are some free concerts in a park coming up that look fun.  Music from other countries and cultures.  What fun to sit in a park on a sunny day and listen to good music.  Bring a picnic!  Nice.

I finished a big project late last night.  It feels good to get that project done.  Sometimes having a big project hanging over my head is daunting until I get it completed.  Then I feel free and have all this free time.  Then I feel like I have nothing to do and have ALL this free time. 

Until tomorrow...

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