Friday, May 20, 2016


Day 263.  Today I went to the eye doctor's office.  I went back on Plaquinel when I had to go off Enbrel.  I had to go off Enbrel because I go meningitis most likely caused by taking Enbrel.  It is a side effect.  Once I get meningitis, I can not take Enbrel anymore.  Hence the Plaquinel.

When taking Plaquinel I have to go to the eye doctor every six months to get an eye check to make sure I am not going blind.  That is part of the reason I went off it a few years ago.  I was feeling really good on Enbrel so I went off Plaquinel.  Why take a drug that might make me blind when I can take a drug that can give me a life threatening illness like meningitis!  Haha.

Now I am back on Plaquinel and today was my eye doctor appointment.  They tested my ability to see dots in a machine.  I had to look into a machine and click a clicker each time I see a dot.  I call it Pac Man because I end up clicking so many times it is like the noise of Pac Man.  Then they calibrated my eyes.  Not sure what that means but I know they wanted to get a baseline since I just started taking the drug again.

While I was at the office I spoke to the billing person.  Back in March I went to the eye doctor when I had meningitis and my insurance company paid nothing.  I would have thought they would have paid something since it was a medical issue.  I asked them to check the billing code and it turns out they used the wrong billing code.  They are going to resubmit and I may get some money back.  Whoo hoo!!

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