Friday, May 6, 2016


Day 249.  Today was a positive day.  I had my assistant come to work and we spent hours organizing my work paperwork and some leftover tax stuff.  It feels really good getting the paperwork organized and in files or recycled.  I have a lot of paperwork in my work.  Sometimes it is overwhelming, especially when I have been ill for weeks.  Then the piles become high and overwhelming.  It is such a good feeling not having all that stuff all around my office and living room.

My Echo Alexa remote control arrived today.  I bought my Echo awhile ago and I love it.  I listen to music, make a shopping list and a to do list.  I have also listened to the news.  The only problem I have had is that my house is old and the walls are thick.  Once Alexa is on, she can't hear me when I ask her to turn off or turn down.  She is really made for open floor plans.  I do not have an open floor plan.  The remote will be helpful because Alexa will be able to hear me through the remote and I can use the remote to control the volume.  I will be able to use my Echo more now.

Overall it was a good day!

Until tomorrow...

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