Monday, May 16, 2016


Day 259.  Finished cleaning the house.  I put the yellow umbrella outside on the picnic table.  The house looks good for my interview. 

I practiced my answers (thanks S and A.)  I hope I am ready.  I am nervous.  I am afraid they are going to reject me for so many reasons.  I am vegan, I have RA, I have a crazy dog.  Then I tell myself that vegans have kids.  People with RA have kids.  Families all over the world have crazy dogs.  It will be okay.  These things should not disqualify me.

I want to get my questions answered.  I want to take a trip and I don't know the dates of the training so I can't buy a plane ticket.  Once I know some information I can move forward with buying a plane ticket and going to see family or go on a vacation by myself.

All will be revealed tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

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