Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Day 260.

Okay, I am happy. I feel joy. Today was my intake interview for my foster/adoption.  I looked up questions. I wrote out answers. I discussed the answers with friends. I practiced my answers. I looked at it like a job interview.  I interview people all the time so I put myself on the other side.

The hour interview took 30 minutes. Okay the lady's computer battery died 10 minutes in so she had to do the interview from memory and take handwritten notes. I also think my answers were so succinct that the interview went fast.  She said my being a vegan should not be a problem.

I should be getting a packet in about two weeks. But last time they said I should get a phone call in two weeks and it took 4 weeks so I will not expect something for at least a month.  I also found out my training classes are in September so I can think about going away this summer to visit family or friends.

I celebrated with my friend D by going out to dinner.

Until tomorrow...

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