Sunday, July 6, 2014


Today I did a bunch of tasks.  I did the food shopping on one crutch.  Before you think Brenda left me to do it alone, I asked her to stay home.  I can get the shopping done faster alone.  Well, not today.  It is still hard to steer a shopping cart with one hand on the cart and one on a crutch.  Unfortunately I got Brenda the wrong kind of chips.  Oops!  You know how folks are about their chips.

I cleaned out our bird's cage.  The cage had not been cleaned in too long to mention.  I finally felt pity for Sunny and cleaned his cage despite the fact that Brenda had said she would do it.  Sunny was so shocked he didn't make a peep for hours.

I also cleaned the dogs beds, put the registration sticker on the car, fixed the filter on the pond, and hung some wind chimes that we got years ago.

I think I did too much.  My feet are killing me.  Not the RSD.  That seems to not be bothering me at all today.  It is the RA in my feet.  I am hoping it is not a flare coming on.

Until tomorrow...

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