Monday, July 7, 2014


Saturday I went to Target to buy some sundries. I was in line at the checkout and the person in front of me turned around and said my name.  I was completely thrown.  The Target was in the next town so who would expect that I would run into someone I know.  She hugged me. I could not remember her name or where I knew her from. We spoke for a few minutes while she checked out. Then she left. Her parting words were "see you at the hospital."

For the last few days I have wracked my brains trying to figure out where I know her from. Never mind trying to remember her name. I can't place her at all. I went through all my doctors office personnel, hospital personnel and nothing. Then tonight I was texting a friend about this story and it occurred to me that she may not work at my hospital or doctors office. She works at Happi's vet hospital!  She just looks different out of her scrubs and not surrounded by dogs. I still can't remember her name.

Rode the stationary bike for one hour on level 3.

Until tomorrow...

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