Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Saw my RA doc today. Once again we discussed her impending retirement. I am fairly stressed out about switching docs. I have been seeing Dr C for about12 years.  It is hard to think of starting over with another doc. We spent most of the time talking about my RSD and my case in general because she had a resident with her.  She was explaining to the resident that my case ends up being complicated not because of the RA but because of the things I get because of the autoimmune diseases. The infections, broken bones, torn ligaments, IBS, etc.  As they say I am a complicated case. 

This us the first time in a long time PT hurt my foot and the pain lasted pretty much all day. Not a searing pain but more of a burning pain that came and went all day long.  With lovely zingers of nerve pain at random times. The Therapist is getting more aggressive so this may happen she said.  Wonderful! Healing!

Until tomorrow...

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